Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are we a traditional retailer?

Nourot Glass Gallery in Benicia had been selling a few things in our Benician Glass Gallery on eBay, but not finding a great deal of success. Will the flea market atmosphere of eBay change to a more sophisticated outlet for American Crafts?
It has surely seemed like the economy in California is based on people selling stuff out of their garage that they don't need on Craig's list and eBay.
Now we learn from that a number of brands and retailers are starting to open outlet shops on eBay.  Trefis says that the growing presence of traditional retailers on eBay can help to "increase the number of merchandise listings on the site, which in turn can attract more buyers to the eBay platform." And, we say at Nourot, add to the fees collected by eBay for these listings.  The point being here is that the eBay stock is poised to cash in on America's trend to "push up" items of commerce from the "traditional " brands and stores.
We are all for this "push up" because it is clear to us that people are now looking first on the net when they think of buying.  Some DO like to eventually buy from a bricks and mortar location, but we are fast approaching a tipping point where the majority of shoppers want and will find what they want on the net.
Why can't eBay work for Contemporary blown glass? All of the indications show that it should.  It's just hard to stand out among items from people's garages. These third party seller's dilute the cache of buying from the artist now.
And since it is has been traditionally taboo for an artist in contemporary craft to run their own shopping cart on their own site, you don't see this being done.  Stagnant galleries that continue to wait to buy or just can't buy are forcing this tipping point.

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