Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gary Guydosh in Pittsburg, PA Show

Glass artist Gary Guydosh's solo exhibit  is titled "Nature in Glass" at the 709 Penn Gallery in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . This artist in glass uses blown and sheet glass to make assemblages that are fanciful and employ natural elements like fish and flowers.
Guydosh, 47, lives in Greenfield, Pennsylvania, but runs his own glass studio called Gary G Glass.  He started  in 1998.  His new focus is on Italian glass techniques in hand-blown glass and hot sculpture.
 The sculpture combines two of Guydosh's long loves -- steel and nature. Guydosh often uses items found in nature as inspiration and gives them life and meaning in the context of his work. He employs his skills of glass-blowing and welding. Plants and birds are also his subject matter in glass.
For more about this artist see the review  in the Pittsburg Trib's website.

At 5 feet and 8 feet tall, some of the works are larger-than-life versions of the real things.  "Aquarium" and "Stream" reference his Koi pond. Hey, Gary we here at Nourot Studio love our Koi, too. Seems like a kindred spirit.

And we are also trying to use recycled glass of our own manufacture in our works at Nourot, too. Mr. Guydosh has a piece "Waste" which combine new glass with some recycled bits of glass. Good idea, Gary. Now bring in some old farm machinery parts and let's see what you can do. Just saying.

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