Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Counting on YOU! America

A new Harris poll shows that "Made in America" products play to a sense of national pride. Three in five Americans (61%) say they are more likely to purchase something when the ad touts it is "Made in America" and only 3% say they are less likely to buy it.

This is really great news, and maybe something the American Craftspeople can build on.

Many factors are working against the fine craft maker. Galleries won't add to inventory, people are staying out of stores and leases are being lost.
Hang tags and stickers on products of fine craft are becoming the norm. It's important to let people know they are supporting their home country's economy. What could be more sustainable than that?

There is much education needed, however, because just over one-third (35%) of U.S. adults say they are neither more nor less likely to purchase a product when an ad emphasizes it is "Made in America." Your options are open America. Choose home made and hand made, we say, and keep your neighbors employed and thriving.

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