Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary to the Studio

Tomorrow, September 20, marks Nourot Glass Studio's 34th Anniversary in Benicia. Before that we were in San Francisco for a couple of years.
Come on down to see selected locals try their hand at making art glass! Micheal will walk them through gathering the 2000 degree hot glass out of our two furnaces. Or they will cast a brick of colored glass right on the marver.
Who can resist being an art star like the famous Dale Chihuly? Sweat bands will not be provided.
Glassmaking in the Italian tradition began in America when Dale and Micheal (and maybe a couple of other notables like Richard Marquis and Ben Moore) came back from Venini in the mid seventies.
Party time is 1PM to 6PM in the gallery and studio at 675 East H Street in Benicia, California. About 45 miles from beautiful San Francisco.
Nourot Studio is located right on the waterfront in an abandoned industrial area that was known as "the Old Yuba" at the end of East H Street where it meets the Amports gate for the port of Benicia.
The Nourot and Smyers Glass factories occupy one of the four still standing buildings. The others were torn down about a year and a half ago. In 1987 Nourot and Smyers bought the 1954 era Yuba Manufacturing research and development building.
Nourot Glass has spawned other glass works by apprentices who went on to open their own glass works: David Lindsay, Charles Correll, Lee Wassink and Brian Giambastiani are some notable ones. Everyone wants to get into the act, so come down and give it a go. We are looking forward to making you hot!
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