Thursday, September 18, 2008

Glass Art Design from BJ Katz Wins Public Art Competition

Here's a bit about a city who has an interest in preserving the glass arts. This lady is actually from Arizona but she has won the attention of the city of Iowa City for a public art installation. It looks to be a flat glass panel relief that is a corporate lobby like art thingy. You can see more at the link below.
A glass art creation from BJ Katz, founder of Meltdown Glass in Chandler, Arizona, was selected the winner of a public art competition in Iowa City for the Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center. The dedication ceremony will take place tomorrow.
Titled "Dancing Water," the hand-painted, tempered glass wall sculpture includes 22separate 2-foot by 7-foot panels of Azurlite glass with silver dichroic highlights and silver reflective back painting that were installed last week along the east wall of the recreation center's pool. Katz says the panels are hung at varying heights to give a playful appearance of the natural movement of water.
"My intent with the sculpture is to bring attention to the importance of water--it's essential to life as a natural resource and it provides opportunities for recreation, such as swimming, skiing, etc." says Katz. "But it also can bring the force of nature with it with dire consequences. And, sadly, Iowa suffered disastrous flooding earlier this summer."

This story is from USGNN.

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