Monday, September 22, 2008

Open Apprentice Day a Big Success

Nourot Glass Studio's 34th Anniversary Party and Open Apprentice Day on Saturday brought out many glass loving fans. Here you can see some visitors trying to blow glass of their own.

Starting from scratch with just a little help from your friends is how these novice glass makers got into the art scene Saturday. Selected visitors to the Nourot Glass Studio and gallery in Benicia were "walked through" their first piece of art glass. Participants came from all walks of life, new moms, software developers, aerobics instructors and even one eight grader found their muse in the glowing 2000 degree molten honey. Paperweights, drinking cups and even a few vases were produced by the day's end.
The "One and Olny Open Apprentice Day" drew glass artist wanna bes who were not afraid to get hot and sweaty. The gathering was done by the Nourot staff for the most part and the beginners took it from there. Feeling the pull and drop of the heavy molten glass proved very alluring to everyone who took part. Collectors Myrna and Richaed Kimmelman from Napa even had a second go round when their first creation hit the pan. Oops the punti let go! A Benicia Herald staffer Christi and new editor Mark Ethier came by to give it a whil as well. Thanks for your support, guys.
In the gallery it was a usual Saturday with Paula Foster and Rene Silcox taking care of the Chihuly Show fans who continue to dribbble in from the excellent article about us (and Dale) by Gretchen Eberle that ran in the San Francisco Chronicle in mid-July. Newly weds beginning their glass collection inspired by the deYoung's "Chihuly at the deYoung" picked out a new "Shifting Sands" pattern vase by Micheal Nourot. This new enamel pattern is in soft browns, acid green, maroon and yellow.

Everyone seemed to be having a great time taking part in the fun. Other participants included Linda Wright's four children, Benicia fisherman "Chip" pictured here making the most massive piece of the day and soccer mom Christina Strohl.
Glassmaking in the Italian tradition would not have been achieved without the help of real life professional artist Scott Zoog who attended with his wife Erika, also a glass artist. Mr. Zoog attempted a large "Venetian" curlyque ala Chihuly with the help of the Nourot's son Nicholas.
The vault glass got some exposure and a couple of 29 year olds from Alameda found the 70's looks there the most intriguing of all Nourot's pieces on display. Could it be that the "Earth Bottles" will soon make a come back?
Time will tell, as we roll on into our 35th year before the glory hole. Pray the saftey glass did it's job and we'll still be able to see what's going on in there next year!

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gretchen eberle said...

My attempts at the furnaces left me glowing for days! I loved it! Michael, Ann and Nick were the greatest. I wish I lived next door! Love your glass! - Gretchen Eberle