Saturday, July 26, 2008

Art Glass Studio Rekindles the Flames

That old gas meter will begin to spin again now that the furnaces at the Nourot Studio are coming up to temperature. Shut down since early July as part of our low energy mode glass making month , (see post on the fused glass made recently here) Nourot glassmakers are eager to get blowing once again, if we can get Micheal out of the river.

Traditionally a slow month for delivering art glass orders and also for visitors at the gallery, July in 2008 was a record slow time. No suprises there as the smoke, heat and gas prices have left many of the Bay Area's residents inside and wondering what is summer all about?

People who have seen the article in the San Francisco Chronicle about us (and a Dale Chihuly, whoever that is) will know we welcome visitors in to our blow rooms to observe.

The "vault glass" is ready for tours, too. The shut down gave us time to go in the vault and dust the old collection pieces. Works from the early days in enamels and in copper foil technique and other weird molded things like heads, fish and those other unexplainable things we did back then are on display. The vault is the old blueprints vault for Yuba Manufacturing Company who built the building Nourot Studio occupies. In the "Tomb of the Unknown Glassmaker" as we call it you can find all the best or most unique pieces from our early years.

Nourot Gallery is located in the small town of Benicia, California, near San Francisco and the Napa Valley. It can be reached by taking Rout 80 towards the Carquinez Bridge then following the signs for "Benicia". Roughly 40 miles from San Francisco. We are about 8 miles from the bridge, just below the "other" bridge, the Benicia bridge, which is on Route 680 that runs N-S along the Fairfield--Walnut Creek side of the north bay.
Exit at 5th Street in Benicia. Follow 5th to H; you will be in a residential area; turn left at "H" Street. Go 1 1/2 blocks to 675 East H Street: the Nourot Gallery.

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