Saturday, August 2, 2008

Anniversary for Nourot Gallery: 34 years in Business

Happy Anniversary Nourot Studio

34 years at the Glory Hole and still taking the heat.

Now that we have stroked the boss and bossette we turn the blog over to Annie for a personal message.

Dear Readers:
If it weren't for all the good old days these days would be even harder to comprehend! On August 1, 1974 Micheal and I took the keys to the first Nourot Studio across the street in the finishing shop of the Old Yuba Manufacturing Plant. He handed me a broom and said, "Go sweep over there." Being as I was it for labor, I swept and swept and swept. I think it was 500ft by 75ft or it just seemed like it. The wharehouse we rented is no longer there. But I sure remember the dirt and the dust "of centuries" we cleared before setting up shop. How fun it was to do everything to set up a business and learn as you go. On Halloween we had our first hot glass melted. It was gettting dark and it was pretty hard to tell the temperature. We had neglected to hang lights above the work area!

Those of you who are gallery owners and corporate clients who are visiting here for the first time, welcome. The August Sale announcement which we sent out, as you can probably tell, was not aimed at you. (All Nourot pieces in the gallery 20% off for the whole month of August) It is my task immediately to begin making relevant changes in how we communicate with all of our collectors, visitors, buyers, and gallery owners.

Soon in this space we will profile some of the places that sell Nourot pieces across the country and beyond so our readers can know where they can go to buy a good selection of our works. If you have useful images, gallery owners, email them to the studio for this profile project please.

We thank each and every one of you for your trust and support and every good wish you have been sending us for our 34th anniversary in business. With the studio's next generation, Nicholas Nourot, our 25 year old son, the legacy that we began long ago in the disco years insures that there will be Nourot Glass made for many, many more years to come. Our kids and grand child are pictured above.
Bye now, Annie

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