Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Chihuly Show Bump

Just when you thought it was too hot and tiring to go outside there comes a reason for visiting the Nourot Studio on East H Street in Benicia, California.
San Francisco Chronicle's artice: "Art Glass Easy to find or Make it Yourself" tells us it's fun to see the "Chihuly at the de Young" show and then go exploring around the bay area to see how glass is made.
Just this week a tour bus pulled up to the gallery filled with seniors who got to see our world famousness and various works on display. And all before lunch, too. We love to amaze and engage new collectors of any kind.
You'll have to come to see the glassmaking beginning about August 10th, as we are now shut down in an effort to ECONOMIZE. We often wanted to have a few weeks off in July and now thanks to the energy costs and run down in the economy, we are getting a rest from the glory holes. When we fire up again in August we will be more than ready for visitors, so come on by if you can.
Stay cool until then. The 1970's era Nourot pitchers on this slide show above are on display in our gallery as well as a ton of old stuff in our vault. See you then.

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