Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dangers of Email Marketing

You hear so much about ID theft these days. Today we've discovered another kind of ID issue: split email personality.
The original web email our business had was through the server that held our company site. For the last three years we have been using the gmail "system", "cloud" or whatever it is.

It seems that the old email address is coming back to haunt us. Mail to this old address was not forwarded; important mail. The settings were wrong! Sounds dire. So a little hunting was necessary to find the important mail.

In this new economy it's not unusual all of a sudden to have someone you thought you knew how to contact fall off your radar. Businesses fail, people move on, retire and what have you. Maybe we have been lax in reading our discarded email addresses, but today while looking through the settings we had for an old business email I have found a few important people whose emails have definitely fallen through the cracks.

Anyway, If you need to find us you may just use the email on our site: or the tourist site: Easier still, write us in the comments section below and it'll come to our box we are reading, I swear it. And we'll get in touch immediately. How's that for customer service 3.0? We'll be happy to hear from you in either case.

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