Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dale Evers Raven Lamp

We sold it! The 6.5 foot Raven Lamp by Dale Evers has finally found a home in Dallas, Texas. Yesterday John Gilman decided to make this lamp his own.  The cast bronze birds that top this monumental piece are life size! They tower over you in a wise, foreboding way that is as attracting as it is unsettling.
John is a recently retiree who loves art and collecting.  He intends to add shades by Nourot to other lamps he currently owns in his home in Texas.
A man's home is his castle and now John Gilman has a castle worthy piece to enjoy at his leisure.
The raven has long been considered one of the world's smartest animals.  It has been proven that they use tools and can learn from experience.  The American Indians believed they had wise spirits that could guide you on a hunt. Here in Benicia, California we see them dropping walnuts in an intersection trying to get cars to crush them open.
Norse mythology has two Ravens, Hugin and Munin who represent Thought and Memory. Then who can the third Raven be? Perhaps it is An Morrigan, an Irish goddess who appeared as a Raven in an old Irish folk tale. Any way, we are very glad to see our work get a happy home. Goodbye dear birds. And thank you, John Gilman we need more collectors like you.

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