Monday, January 10, 2011

What About that Art Glass Thing I got for Christmas?

You are probably wondering why we don't spend any time here letting you know just exactly what art glass by Nourot is and why people get so gosh darned excited about giving it at the Holidays.

Your gift of art glass is a unique work of art made in American and made by one of the Nourots in Benicia, California. The signature tells you what the series is, the piece number, the year made and the initials of the artist who made it.

At Nourot Studio currently we only have three makers: founder Micheal Nourot, his wife, Ann Corcoran, and son, Nicholas Nourot.

If you have wandered over to this blog to find out more about your piece, we are here to help you.

The Nourot Studio has been making signed and registered (this means numbered) pieces of hand blown glass for just millenniums it seems now (since 1974 actually).

And what you need to know about it is, well, just anything you want to know about it. That is what makes art glass collecting so much fun and interesting, too.

The molten glass lends its way to each and ever artisan differently and we like to say that the hand of the artisan is evident in every piece that each artisan makes. "And no two pieces are ever exactly duplicated." This is probably the main thing and the thing you need to remember.

No two are alike because the molten glass is a hot gooey substance that changes and twists and turns while on the end of 5 foot long mental blow pipes as it is being created. You can find videos here in other posts of this and it is so cool to watch. Mesmerizing, actually.

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Barb Duvall said...

It is outstanding glass and it's American made. I'm tired of seeing all the cheap Chinese stuff in gift shops.