Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looking for Inspiration

How many of us are stuck inside because of nasty winter weather? Wouldn't it be nice to take a trip outside now? We at Nourot Glass Studio are looking for inspiration in this dark, dank time of year.

Where did the light go? So our thoughts naturally turn to images of lights and lighting.

Here are two thoughts on what might be inspirations for custom chandeliers.  We are just a patron away from developing these into realities.
This first would be accomplished in opaque white with enamel coloration in earth tones.  Or how about all in metallic blues? Wow, this could be inspiring as an overhead fixture in any environment. Like we said just a short phone call away...
Next we have this interesting example of some experts consider the number one global problem: where did all the water go? Whether it's a shortage globally due to climate change, urbanization or population, the result is images that evoke water dripping, spilling and flowing are killer lately.  Fountains are a definite possibility. We've all seen flower trumpet shapes in art glass.  What makes this image work better is the pattern behind it and the symmetry, we think. Rhythm would be enhanced with differing colors for the  "flowers".

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