Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Lovely Something That Nobody Needs

Crafts in America, the frontier we choose to explore here at Benician Glass.  This time it brings us to comedy. "A lovely something that nobody needs" is what comedienne Amy Sedaris calls her creations.
Today we want you to know this news:  the cat is out of the bag:  Amy Sedaris is our new BFF. She's taken the craft DIY trend and done a terrifically comic send up in her new book: Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. 

While in San Jose last month with Buyer's Market of American Crafts show promoter Wendy Rosen, we thought it'd be apt to have Ms Sedaris attend the winter Buyers Market and well, justify.  Or at the very least get us Fine Craft people to laugh at ourselves.

Now that wish has become a reality. Wendy Rosen pulled a few strings, apparently. Or Sedaris and her team think that we crafters will find her jokey, hokey book on crafting at home with basically found objects hilarious.
It is campy, sure, but really funny and smart; just like her. If you doubt her smarts, just watch her with Martha Stewart on Youtube, it's hilarious.

Also appearing at the winter Buyer's Market is nationally recognized public relations entrepreneur and consultant Peter Shankman.   His expertise is more in the information gathering arena. His "Help a Reporter Out" project is actually a media "matchmaking" service.  Journalists seeking an expert to quote post their "needs", and businesses reply. Let's hope these facts are not too open sourced!  He has also written books on innovative ways to get promotion.

The Buyers Market of American Crafts is in Philadelphia February Feb. 18-21, 2011.  There will be a special Jewelry Preview February 17, 2011.  Other daily seminars on retailing are scheduled at the Buyers Market, including a presentation on visual merchandising by Patricia Norins, publisher of Gift Shop magazine and Green Retailer.

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