Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Weekend Number Two Tomorrow

"Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire: The i-shares Commission"

Looks like some good weather is on the way for Saturday and Sunday.  We've melted glass for the weekend demos and are tidying up the glass gallery for your visit.  See Nourot, too, on First Street in Benicia at the Holiday Street Fair produced by Benicia Main Street.

In the gallery this week ornaments are going fast at $30 and $40.  Bead jewelry, too is a good gift from the Marco Polo company of Portland, Oregon.  We have a great selection.  But don't forget the blues this year by Nourot: we've blown many nice pieces of lustre work in new shapes and have just finished Cobalt Metallic pieces in the cabinet (9 inch) size.  These are good choices for those who have collected our trademark "Red Satin" and "Scarlet Nova" patterns for years.

Custom works for 2010 are the leading edge at Nourot Studio in Benicia.  We have blown custom work for people as far away as Virginia.  You can write us with your ideas or call and we will work with you on your special piece.  The one that came out so perfect was the "Rivergate" wall piece for Ted Quinn.
Above is our new Youtube video made for us by John Beck of  John wants to learn how to blow glass. Ha. We want to learn video production.

Noted on the left are our important patrons. Thanks to you we have the will and means to continue our art. Sincerely, we really appreciate all of you who invest in American art glass.

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