Monday, July 12, 2010

Something fishy around here

You may have wondered why we have been out of touch so much this summer. There is one reason that stands out and this picture may give you a clue.

No, we aren't at work blowing glass fish. That's one of Michael Hopko's master pieces shown here, but we've been away on the trail of the wild California trout.

It's been mostly an impressive season. The hatches have been up to par with the best of other years. We have not been disappointed, well, not too often.

The studio, alas, has suffered. But now we have returned to fire up the furnaces--which we are doing today July 12th. Getting back to work will feel very good. Hope the cool San Francisco weather holds!

Come visit us glass making this week at 675 E "H" Street in old town Benicia, California. The center of town is just 6 1/2 blocks away and the waterfront is full of other things to do. You can walk from our shop to First Street by the marina and see all the sailboats and yachts! It's not too far to the Rellik Tavern, the tony new watering hole that is know equally for it's coffee and breakfast pastries as well as it chocolate martinis later in the day. It's located at the corner of "H" and First Street in Benicia.

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