Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bold and Fearless Art by Ruffner

"If you believe it is real, it is real," says Ginny Ruffner.
Recently Seattle radio station KPLU did a profile piece on Ginny Ruffner who is one of the studio glass movement's iconic founders. Ms Ruffner is also the featured subject of a movie called "A Not so Still Life."
June 27, 2010 interviewer Jennifer Wing reads a piece on Ruffner and her work and life. The wonderful podcast is highly recommended by us and is available on the KPLU website here.
The site has a great amount of images of her fanciful, beautiful and powerful glass art work. Which some how is surprising from a radio station!
Ms Ruffner is a person of great personal strength and powerful insight. She is known for being an innovative crafts person. Her painting on lamp worked glass sculptures was revolutionary.
Both her colorful glass and metal works and herself are thoroughly enchanting.

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