Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lino Tagliapietra Chance Meeting

Last week while in Kentucky for a family wedding, Micheal Nourot had a chance meeting with glass maestro Lino Tagliapietre. They are old friends from Micheal's days on Murano so long ago.

Lino Tagliapietra was in Danville, Kentucky doing a demo at Centre College there. Also being part of the Louisville Glass Artist's Society Conference that began later in the week.

It's always a pleasure to be able to see Lino who has one of the biggest hearts we have known. He is always willing to share his time and energy for glassmaking. His knowledge and skills are truly unsurpassed. This year he is working on a chandelier of his own design at Centre College.

The Nourots also visited the blown glass chandelier by Stephen Rolfe Powell at the new Danville, Kentucky Public Library. It consists of over 400 mold blown baloons in bright orange, yellow and blue that are suspended in concentric circles in an inverted pyramid. The cables and fittings that hold it are unobtrusive and you get the feeling you are looking at a bunch of helium baloons like ones held by a circus clown. The Powell chandelier is reminiscent of Murano Clown figures yet on a huge scale. One wonders if this was the inspiration?

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