Monday, June 28, 2010

Late June Late Registrations

Take the plunge and take that class you have been thinking of doing: The Crucible is now offering discounts until June 30th on their upcoming classes in glass making, metal and fire arts.

See this site for more information:here

A similar note has been forwarded to us here at Nourot that the classes at Pilchuck will be open to new applicants until they fill up. That's classes through August.See here for more: Philchuck information.

Wheaton Art and Cultural Center's "Vetro Sensazionale: Italian Masters" will accept applications until August 1, 2010 for the Pino Signoretto class. Ah, Venetians in the summertime. In New Jersey, you ak? Well, this class is one that will be for the jouneyman apprentice or even American Masters as Pino Signoretto makes legendary hand blown glass sculpture. His techniques and methods of working combine the best of old world know how with current technologies--and the best assistants, we bet, too. Look up for more information or call: 1-800-998-4552, ext. 106.

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