Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Guest Artists Craig and Anny Zweifel

Spring Sale at Nourot Studio is coming up in a month. This year's guest artists will be Craig and Anny Zweifel of Williams, Oregon.

Craig and Anny make a type of glass that is not often seen. The lustre effects they get always make them stand out at the art fairs and markets where we have seen them and their works.

Colors they work in are Amber, black and irredescence of many colors. No diachroic is ever used to achieve these effects.

The secret to making glass like the Zweiffel's will be revealed at the Nourot Spring Sale. Thursday through Sunday the last two days of April and the first two days of May there will be glassmaking by both the Zweiffels and the Nourots.

You may drop by the studio then to view their works. You can also sign up for email alerts on Benician Glass website which is the studio tourist site.

We hope next month this time we'll be welcoming you into our shop to see molten glass take form right before your eyes.

Location is 675 East H Street in Benicia, California about a half hour's drive from Napa and about an hour from San Francisco.

They will be refreshments as well and you won't want to miss Arts Benicia's Open Studios that weekend also. Many of the best artists in the area will be open to visitors. Look at the Arts Benicia website for information on who is participating. No charge for admission. At Nourot there is plenty of free parking and a great view of the straits! Vista Point bridge walk is now open too, for bicycles and pedestrians from here to Martinez. Google Vista point for location.

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