Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Three Rivers Gets Rainy Inspired Glass Installation

It's raining glass. Or at least it seems to be in this hanging glass sculpture for downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Jill Reynolds and Daniel Spitzer have created a work of hundreds of small blue green glass pieces that spans the 187-foot-long lobby at 11 Stanwix St., Pittsburgh, PA. The artwork, which was unveiled yesterday January 11, consists of 1,300 hand-blown pieces of glass in 26 forms of water droplets.
The glass work is titled "River of Glass". it is suspended by steel cables that sway with air currents. The effect is one of glistening glass raindrops overhead. The rows form a "Y" as a map of Pittsburgh's three rivers does, and the undulating form of the entire piece mimics the visual form of a segment of the jazz song "Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue" by Billy Strayhorn, the artists said.
Dig that crazy glass. In our own County of Solano, California there is an overhead sculpture of glass on fat steel cables in the Solano County Government Building. The 3 inch glass spheres in the California glass work are neither rain drops nor balls of light. The seem to resemble a spider web with dew on it. Oh well. there is some Nourot Glass on display there in the main lobby and in front of the meeting room-theatre. It's located at 675 Texas Street. Catch the exhibit by Micheal and Ann Nourot while you are in Fairfield and send us some pictures of the display.

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