Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting Descriptive: the SLS Hotel vibe

Here's a description of the Oscar Gift Suite venue: "Envision a wild mash-up of furniture and decorative pieces from the
creative mind of fabled designer Philippe Starck and the hotel’s owner
and .... Japanese soaking tubs and a shiatsu massage room also contribute
to the Zen ambience. The surrounding neighborhood is as vibrant and
fashionable as they come."
Dear friends, we from Nourot Glass Studio in Benicia, will be staying in the conference room on the floor under our table. No, just kidding. We are in a regular double room at the convention rate. We'll also be working our butts off to present the best of Nourot's red glass to attendees of the GBK Productions Oscar Gift "Lounge".
There will be morning updates as to which of the celebrities have confirmed to attend. Then the giggling will begin at our table as await each fabled legendary figure and match them up with the right favor of art glass which we'll already have packaged and stashed beneath the table. In addition, we will offer them "the envelope", a gift certificate to be used in Benicia at our gallery at a later date.

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