Saturday, November 1, 2008

Time Out for a Little Color Therapy

Almost anything that lifts the spirits these days is a welcome breath of fresh air. Take a look at the site: Put in any color you like and you may find a story like the one on PINK.
Did you know that the term PINKO was a term coined by Time magazine in 1926 to refer to those with politically leftish and mildly socialist or communist beliefs? Also pink in the early part of the 20th Century was associatd with boys! The color light blue with girls; as it was thought to denote constancy and faithfulness and refer to the Virgin Mary.
Color Palates can be found on the site as well. Although on computer screen they lack the depth and subtlety of surface sheen, texture and lustre you have in real life.
Get involved and add your own colors to the list.
Nourot Glass Studio's handblown glass is known for it's vibrant and rich colors. Many of the Scarlet Nova Christmas Ornaments are now on display. Other Holiday decorations are being set up today. Stop by the studio gallery at 675 East H Street in Benicia to see what is hot in blown glass.
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