Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dante Marioni, pictured is a world renowned glass artist. Here he works in the amphitheatre of the Tacoma Glass Museum.
Tacoma was where America's premier glass artist, Dale Chihuly grew up. The Tacoma Glass Museum is his baby and has grown since it's inauguration in the late 19990's.
Kids can come to the hot shop at the Tacoma Glass Museum and try their hands at making glass art. One young man, Blake Toney, did a drawing of an "Octopussy 2008" that looked like a pirate. The work was chosen to be created in glass by Mr. Dante Marioni.
This week's Gig Harbor and the Key Peninsula Gateway ( article by Hugh Mc Millian covers this unique collaboration of kid and maestro.
Young Blake relates: “The most exciting part was when I got to see my design being made,” Blake said. “They were all really nice to me, especially Mr. Marioni. He was generous to make my glass design.
This is not suprising to Nourots as this same artist came to Benicia once and was just as generous with his time and talent. Often Mr. Dante Marioni teaches and travels in the name of the glass arts.
This creation for the Tacoma Glass Museum was created twice: so that the family of the young artist and the museum could both have a copy.
Sounds like a good idea. Kids, send in your drawings.

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