Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eight Years Ago

The Glassmaker's Art, opened September 7, 2000 at the: American Craft Museum, 40 West 53rd Street; (212) 956-3535.

''Memories of Murano: American Glass Artists in Venice,'' an exhibition of works by 20 contemporary artists, started eight years ago today and ran through Jan. 7, 2001. The show explored the influence that glassmaking techniques developed on Murano, the Venetian island, have had on American artists who have worked at Venetian glass factories since 1959.

Artists in the exhibition included Dale Chihuly, James Carpenter, Micheal Nourot, Benjamin Moore and Tina Aufiero, all of whom learned techniques like making glass with a mosaic look, fusing hot glass sections to form vessels, cold and hot decorative techniques and methods of mixing custom colors.

The American Craft Museum is today known as:
Museum of Arts & Design
(formerly American Craft Museum)
40 West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 956-3535

Another instance of dropping the term "crafts" from the name to gain Fine Art cache. Our alama mater did the same in Oakland. No more CCAC, where both the Nourot's Graduated from!
The MAD Museum is not open at the above location. It will relocate in September 2008 at 2 Columbus Circle, in Manhattan.

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