Saturday, March 3, 2012


The recent presentation piece by Nourot from Chevron, Inc. to Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea was a gift. Their friends at our local Chevron plant came by and picked it out for them in January. From this picture we know they got it there (on their corporate jet, no less) in good shape, but sometime after this snapshot was taken they fumbled and broke the bowl. You can see that they set it down not centered on the base. Don't feel bad for them. We can replace it easily.
Sorry, but we don't recommend gluing the bowls down when they are this size. Maybe guys used to heavy industry should be gifted a block of crystal. We've got those, too.
No joke, actually once we sold a glass cinder block for an industry who was known for making these here in Northern California. Cement contractor art glass. Hey, why not?

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