Tuesday, February 28, 2012

30 or 40 or 50, I forget

Tom Philabaum is a glass artist in Tucson, Arizona. His studio has a long and interesting history. This month he is hosting a show celebrating the studio glass movement in America. He calls it 30, 40, 50 because his gallery is 30, most of the artists he's showing have been making their glass for 40 years and the studio glass movement itself began about 50 years ago.
His special guest artist and speaker is Henry Halem, who will speak on March 3rd at the nearby Tucson Museum of Art  about his role in the history of glass making in America. Knowing Henry he'll speak very little about himself and mostly about the artists he admires. When I googled Henry Halem to get his picture, it was everything else about glass but not him!
Henry Halem was the first president of the G.A.S. (Glass Artist's Society) and founded the glass program at Ohio State.
The Philabaum Glass Gallery is open weekdays and Saturdays. Check out the site at www.philabaumglass.com http://www.philabaumglass.com
You can reserve a seat at the glass making demo by calling the studio.
You can read about the show here.

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