Thursday, January 5, 2012

Etsy Top Seller 2011

From the file: Why I hate Etsy. Here is the item that their newsletter (I keep subscribed in vain hope that Etsy will have something to add to our American Made tradition)says is the most talked about, most shared item of 2011. Did it sell as well? You bet.
Doesn't it look like something made in 6th grade industrial arts class? Ok, maybe if I could examine the quality up close maybe it'd look nicely hand crafted. But the subject matter still remains sophomoric. I mean kinda teeny bopper, people. Is this what is meant by listening to your audience? Guess I should check out what sold best on the Tiffany site and The Guild's
You can't beat Etsy for a large selection. Today the jewelry query brought up 3,280,313 items for jewelry!!
Can you believe the prices on Etsy? $22.00? $35.00? Perhaps like us, you will quickly surmise that the operations that produce the hand mades are micro enterprises that don't cut the mustard, bring home the bacon or make for any fun money that keep one from selling the cow.

The success of the makers who sell on is in the buzz they generate, not the cash they generate. Will anyone ever go there to find items of lasting beauty and value that were made by professional artists? You let me know. I can hardly bear to look.

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