Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anti-accuracy is Us

Today we were solicited by a company wanting to know if we might like to try their 3D scanner so that we could make our products exactly alike. It's pesky isn't it when things don't "fit"? They are obviously overstocked on their fancy 3D scanners if they are asking us to buy one!
At the Nourot Glass Studio we have tried always to avoid repetition, exactitude and regulation of all kinds.
This fancy 3D scanner has important uses to serve like in the machining industry and medical products industries, for example, let's hope it does not infiltrate into the studio artist arena.
Here is what they say the scanner can do: "The Steinbichler 3D scanner has important uses to serve you. It can provide data for you in less than an hour, for most parts. You can then directly compare to your 3D CAD design ( In case you don't know Computer Aided Design--CAD is how plans are drawn in the 21C) to see where the problems lie. The attached tech sheet (756 pages no doubt) illustrates how this process was used to identify problems with an automotive trim die."
Perhaps it would have an application in art jewelry where it is cast and you want to avoid undercuts in the mold....
Anyway take me OFF your list please Mr. Steinbichler! We love, love,love being inexact and letting the glass be what it is. It is sometimes weirdly unpredictable and fascinating in it;s many varied temperatures, viscositys and strengths. Bring on a world of unlike objects! Preserve our individuality somewhere, please. Oh, and buy American Made. Thanks for reading.

People picture credit:
Four non-set of goblets from the early days of Nourot now in the vault collection.

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