Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch in Benicia

Usually I'd just post these images to FB but the FB page isn't working today. So folks, yes, Nourot has been making glass pumpkins. We couldn't make them all the same, never. We have short ones, tall, ones, black ones, orange ones, silver mirrored ones and well, just about any color! The pale ones are my personal favorite. There is allot to making these as we found out. The stems are kind of tricky and time sensitive. Not real forgiving once they touch down!
For more images write us at the shop or call. We are off to an outdoor art fair this weekend at Phil and Chad Glashoff's near Green Valley, CA. Not our usual venue, but it's a party so what the heck. Try and catch your self one this month before they are all gone. The prices start at $50. Thanks for reading.

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