Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gorilla Glass Takes on the Tough Jobs in Tech

When we think of sweaty gaffers toiling at the glory hole around here, we think of pure animal strength. Now Corning has put some of their high tech knowledge to use in creating a durable fused layered glass for tech applications called "Gorilla Glass."

It's Manufactured using "Corning’s proprietary fusion process" says the website. We imagine this to mean it's a layered glass like the strengthening process that makes bulletproof glass. Isn't it great to know a Gorilla couldn't hurt your cell phone? Especially since we leave it out where little hands can get to it.

Or we drop it off our laps as we exit the car onto the asphalt. Ouch. That used to mean a totaled screen. I know I destroyed my first i-pod this way.

The surface of Corning's "Gorilla Glass" has the same surface quality as all of Corning’s high-technology display substrates. A substrate is a layer that underlies something. Makes sense.

Gorilla Glass is RF compatible, and has the optical clarity that makes it ideal for HD and 3-D television screens.

Mr. Rodgers and Koko image courtesy of the Feefee the RN's Blog. The Gorrilla watching the laptop is from Fast Company's (one of my favorite magazines) website.

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