Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mr. Calm Creates Glass Doors

The Kitsap Sun, isn't that a great name for a news organization? August 2nd's Kitsap Sun ran a story on etched glass doors by Randy Calm of Belfair, Washington.  The article has a pretty bad picture of the glass doors he did.  We had to use our imagination to see that these are likely really nice looking. Here is a detail shot.
The Pacific Northwest Salmon Center is in Kitsap, Washington. The entry doors Randy Calm did record the life cycle of the Salmon. Can't get more interesting subject matter than that, we'd say.  If I was in the area, I'd drop by just to see the doors.  The Center is probably worth a visit, too.
In the article it says that these doors were donated. Wonder what Randy Calm does for a living? These sure look professional. 
The entry doors have images of fish, riverbed, surrounding plants and sea life.  The art work is achieved by masking the glass all over first with a tough sticky tape.  Then the drawing is removed in parts to reveal the area to be blasted.  High powered compressors force special carborundum "sand" through a porcelain nozzle.  After the etching is completed the panel is enclosed in a commercial door.
A job like this is dozens of hours of work. We hope they last a long time.


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