Friday, July 22, 2011

Ceilings, Chandeliers, Goblets It's all Goin' On Maui for Strini

There's a new destination for the adventurous in architectural glass, the Maui studio of our long time friend and artist Rick Strini.  There might also be said to be a new definition for over the top. Take a look at this example of this contemporary glass artist's work.  It resembles something maybe out of Dr. Seuss or a like it sprung....boing! out of a Steampunk's dream.
Colors are harmonious and rich as always.  The form of the Strini Chandelier's follow the cascading style of classical Venetian chandeliers, but there the resemblance ends.  Two overlapping levels of petals spill upwards like pineapple tops.  Loops and scrolls of bright pastel fronds surround a central inverted cone that is lighted from within and belted with studs of glass on a wide hand forged metal band.  The price for one of these vitreous confections? GO see for yourself.  To order only. In seven colors.
Mr. Rick Strini has been making glass since the early 1960's.  Originally he worked in a studio in Santa Cruz, California.  The iconic items by Strini are his goblets in lustred blue glass.  These he still is making a version of on the Island of Maui where he's been for over a decade.

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