Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Solar Power Printer on Glass

Wall Street Journal's Tech Euro Blog brings us news of a 3D Laser printer that uses the sun's energy the way a kid uses a magnifying glass to burn things on a sidewalk.

The "Sun Cutter" devised by Mr. Marcus Kayser of the Royal College of art in London, UK uses a laser and silica sand to make 3D objects in glass.
And, yes, a computer is involved. The 3D printers use laser technology to make precise 3D objects from a variety of powdered plastics, resins and metals. And we guess, glass powders. Like a 21st Century Pate de Verre. These sun powered cutters make objects that are the exact physical counterparts of the 3D computer images.

On Youtube he cuts a 2D shape with a suitcase sized prototype. He is also featured on a blog interestingly titled "No Tech". His site is pretty artsy.

Sounds allot like a Japanese robotic cutter. But that's a reductive process. This Sun Cutter is a constructive process. Can't wait to hear more.

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