Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chihulytown FunPark to Open April 2012

Wake up America and smell the future of glass art--a whole museum dedicated to the glass works of Dale Chihuly will soon be built in downtown Seattle! Yikes, pinch me.  Last night the Seattle city council green lighted a big project near the famous Seattle Space Needle.  This "museum" will be all about Dale.
What's new there?

Formerly the site of the Fun Forrest Amusement Park in the Seattle Center, the Chihuly attraction was initially thought to be not too well thought out.  Apparently Le Dale let it be known it would be just a place where he could put "all my stuff." He even included a non-compete clause asking that No other glass artist's works be sold in the Seattle Center. Thankfully, the city council shot that one down.
The project is headed by Center Art LLC, a division of the enterprising Wright family that owns the Space Needle. The Wrights and Dale have been close for some time and this project could be fun for all if they take the exhibition formula that has sold so many tickets all across America in the last few years and add some interactiveness to it. We suggest mini-golf.
Chihuly has suffered his share of critics on this project. Indeed, the article states that the museum is thought by some to be just a monument to his big ego.  Chihuly's group will have to bend on some points.  The Center's Design Commission wants something for a children's playspace and they want to stress a green space. We see no problems there. Everybody loves the Chihuly glass gardens with his big "flowers" and spikes of colorful glass plumes stuck in the ground.  There could be a glass boat and glass dock launch that ferries kids  to an island like Tom Sawyer's Life on the Mississippi in Anaheim.
The future looks good for environmental projects. Go for it Dale. Like you need our go ahead. Whew. Never thought we'd see the day.
picture of Chihuly Glass ceiling: courtesy Flickr

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