Monday, April 26, 2010

Satava Knows the Deep Ocean Jellies

You've read all the buzz about the IMAX film "Wild Ocean 3D" that is showing today. Did you know California glass artist Rick Satava has captured the beauty of the deep ocean Jelly Fish in a piece of blown glass?

No two of Satava's hand blown jellies are exactly alike. Looking at these beautiful works one wonders how he captures the translucency of the "dome" and the intricacy of the stingers in a material as rigid as glass.

The Satava Jelly Fish floats within clear glass and come in a variety of sizes. The price rage is $350 to $4,000 approximately. Nourot Studio in Benicia has many examples of Satava's art for between $350 and $600. You can stop by the gallery to see them or call for a web album of close ups!

Pictured is one of the Satava hand blown Moon Jellies that defy your eyes--you think it has to be real!
Rick Satava has been making glass since 1969. His studio was first established in 1977. Mr. Satava makes blown glass in vases and paper weighted objects that capture the beauty and wonder from the ocean to the mountains. His Nautilus Lidded Vase stands 19 inches tall and has a heavy solid cap within which swims a very life like Jelly Fish! You can visit the Nourot Studio and see his works during the upcoming Spring Sale: April 29, 30; May 1, 2. Or visit Satava on the web.

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