Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at Nourot Studio

Reduce ,reuse and recycle: we're all for that at Nourot Studio. We make use of cullet and scraps from failed pieces in new works that are "Low Energy".
Instead of the 8 hours it takes to melt 200 lb pots of molten glass, the idea behind the new series by Micheal Nourot is "use what you've got."
These works are 14 to 20 inches across and are formed over a clay mold in a small lehr that briefly goes to 1600degrees F.
The electricity that is run along the "elements" inside the walls of the kiln fuses the parts. The dishes, bowls and platters from the "Low Energy " Series Micheal Nourot has made so far resemble the river bottoms of a western mountain stream. Uneven in texture and varied in shape, these glass works are like a crazy quilt of ragged forms.
Depending on which side of the form meets the mold there is a smoothness of the glass together with the gloriously rich colors of the glass invoke a rugged and sophisticated aesthetic simultaneously. And they use close to no energy compared to the firing of hundred pound batches!

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