Sunday, March 21, 2010

Paul Stankard Featured Artist at International Flameworking Conference

This weekend in New Jersey, USA is the10th Annual Salem Community College International Flameworking Conference. This get together and networking expo is a world conference on flame working (working glass that is usually borosilicate at a table under a smaller flame).

The locale is New Jersey’s epicenter of up-and-coming glass artists and technicians, Salem Community Colleg. Planners have dedicated the last nine years to this annual event showcasing world-class glass artists with the intent of inspiring its own flameworking students.

Now in its 10th year, the conference will serve as a form of “reunion” for a returning featured artist while paying tribute to its founder, Paul Stankard.

“Salem’s creative programs in studio glass art making, product development for the market, along with scientific glassblowing technology, is at the forefront of this increased interest in the material glass. Our students will have an impact on the glass industry and cultural experience by virtue of their training.”

An evening reception was held honoring Paul Stankard. The program was highlighted by a visual presentation by Mr. Stankard and Glass Quarterly editor Andrew Page. Afterwards there followed by a reception in honor of Stankard.

“We definitely thought it was fitting to have Paul be the featured artist at our 10th annual International Flameworking Conference,” Page said, "the International Flameworking Conference has helped support and strengthen the studio glass art movement that began in the 1960s and ’70s". In addition, he said, the conference has helped the individual artists bond and create a stronger sense of community.

“It seems to have also been a place to expose the different types of flameworkers — from the paperweight makers to the pipe makers — to one another,” Page said. “There have probably been technical developments and creative interchanges that would not have otherwise happened if not for the gathering of talent at Salem Community College once a year.”

Glass as art “has always had to overcome the omnipresence of the material in everyday life,” Page said.

Thanks to Paul Stankard the standard for flame workers is going to be set very high. His works in glass have always been extraordinary. There is no one on his level. To learn more about Mr. Stankard's work see:

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