Monday, May 18, 2009

American Craft Magazine is Crappy

"In Praise of Poop"is the title of an article in American Craft Magazine this month about crafted work by Virginia Gardiner.
This artist makes toilets from horse dung apparently.
Her works are pressed together in a mold using horse dung--poop. She is well connected. Royally connected to some really cool shit. She can claim that she works with the highest quality feces: her excreta of choice is horse manure from the Queen’s Household Cavalry in Knightsbridge.
It is rather amazing stuff to read, if not to perch upon. It shows the extremes you have to go to in publishing to sell magazines these days. Maybe Nourot can make a red satin throne with a gold leaf seat, now wouldn't that be cozy? And maybe just the thing for the Sultan of Brunei. Say, isn't he on facebook?
The article comes with instructions for drying and baking your own poop items and using resin to cast them, how green, errr...brown.
Virginia Gardiner says: “It’s actually really difficult to mix with resin. When you combine anything with h2o molecules in it, even if it looks dry, it just makes a huge foam."
Fun with cow pies on Martha is probably next.
Virginia's site: "Yes my dear it really is horse shit"

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