Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Secret Room Revealed at SLS

We were wondering what the other room was all about. Now comes a bit from LA's the Place site>on the internet that tells us The Secret Room visitors "received fabulous swag, viewed new products, mingled and sampled refreshments from Robert Mondavi Winery, Mona Vie, One Coconut Water, Sugar and Spice Cakes, Glee Gum, Pop Chips and Flamous Falafel. For fun, celeb guests took home unique 3D souvenir photos of themselves in goofy poses on fun backgrounds from Get Flipped."
Rachel and I looked into the room and were not as impressed, but since we did not have --access--we could not size up the show in there.
Apparently the promoter is shy because we can't find their name mentioned anywhere in the publicity. Is it the Women's Shelter of Los Angeles? Does this charity do their own room? Hmmm.
We aknowledge that there were other suites, but still feel that the "vibe" of the GBK suite out did the others. The entrance was private and the bar superb. From the quantity of drinks in the hands of the attendees, this is probably an important facet of a gifting suite. Bling is not the thing, yes. But being sauced is definetly in in LA. This we saw first hand.
And, yes, the exhibitors were told, "no drinking" at all. All the better to remember their names, my dear. Matching the pics and the names up for us is a huge task (362 pics). We may have to employ a personal assistant to do the job!
Come to the Party on March 15th in the gallery to find out who was who. Find more info on the party in yesterday's post. See ya.

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