Monday, September 8, 2008

A Bit More About Low Energy Glass

Just a bit more about making 'Low energy" glass this summer.
Micheal Nourot is creating glass art fused from the scraps and bits of discarded glass from the over 30 years of glassmaking at his studio in Benicia, California.
Located along the Carquinez Straight about 45 miles north of San Francisco the Nourot Studio has been glass maker to Popes, Presidents and major corporations for years.
"Looking for ways to go green is a challenge in the glass arts," admits Mr. Nourot," We have found a way to put our cast offs to use and challenge ourselves in a new direction."
The platters and bowls made of these shards and chips of wonderfully colored glasses will be on display at the studio's 34th Anniversary Party and Vault Opening Saturday 20th September; from 1--6PM. Certain collectors will participate in an open apprentice call as well during the day's events. The day's events are open to the public, but the apprentice event is by invitation only. For more information call: 707-745-1463

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