Thursday, July 3, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Glassmaking

Ever since the cost of energy went out of sight, Nourot Glass Studio has been thinking of reduce, reuse and recycle strategies that can help us survive. These new works by Micheal Nourot use our own recycled glass and parts from blanks which we have hoarded over the years. Micheal always said, hey, Don't throw that out I'll use it somehow. Now he's scouring the "yard" for bits and relics that he can turn into something interesting. Here is an example of one of these. Its slumped in an oven (which we'll show on a later day) from "frits" he carefully loads onto the mold. The rings at the top are created hot on a wooden pallet. These footed bowls and plates are very hard to photograph because of the rough little bumps. They are about 14 inches across; 7 inches high and give off an industrial solid, vibe. Could they become commercial fixtures? Fountain parts? A statement of solidity and power in the face of glassmaking becoming priced out of the American Craftman's Era?
You let us know. They are weighty and have one side smooth, where the glass particles meet the mold. Working title: "Boulder River Series", a fishing expedition reference.

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